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How To Keep Your Mask Clean

turquoise clear pouch

These sturdy clear bags are perfect to store your mask inside your purse, backpack or in the car.

Friend, keep your masks clean when you’re not using them and keep them from touching other things inside your purse.

They will also work great to store your children’s mask inside their backpack, in your closet, in your car, or anywhere you go!

You can help stop contamination by storing your masks inside these pouches when not using them.
These plastic pouches come with a snap, so you can hang them on your purse strap, the rear view mirror in your car, in your closet, or pretty much anywhere you want, you get the idea, right?

They are super easy to clean – just wipe them down, plus the colorful material is water proof. 💧

Plus, once this pandemic is over, you can use your pouch to store your keys, headphones, money, makeup, and more!

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